Schlage B60 Deadbolt - Single Cylinder - Grade 1

Part Nr: B60605



Main Features

  • ANSI professional grade 1 security
  • Largest adjustable bolt available anywhere
  • Adjusts to fit doors from 1-⅜” up to 1-3/4” (Thick Door Kit Needed for doors 2-1/4" to 2-1/2")
  • Quick and easy installation
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Single Cylinder






Adjustable 2-3/8 or 2-3/4 Inches



Round Corner & Drive-In





1-1/2 Inches or 2-1/8 Inches






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Product Description

About Schlage B60 / Schlage B60N Deadbolt

The Schlage Single Cylinder B60 Deadbolt features a strong, all-metal chassis to protect against invasions that involve kick-ins, lock picks, crowbars, saws, wrenches or hammers. Intended for use on exterior doors where substantial resistance is required, this deadbolt is designed to fit existing pre-drilled holes on most standard doors and includes an assortment of strike plates to match the recess of your door. Fits 1-3/8 inch to 2-½” inch wood or metal doors. Universal latch adjusts to fit 2-3/8" or 2-3/4 inch backset.


  • Unique Snap n’ Stay design
  • Designed for exterior doors that need additional security
  • All-metal chassis adds extra strength and durability
  • Single cylinder function for easy installation
  • Suitable for most door thicknesses

A Century Of Quality Craftsmanship

For almost a century, Schlage has provided the highest level of security to homes and businesses. Their B60 single cylinder deadbolt features an exclusive patented steel strike reinforcer and 3 Inch heavy gauge screws that penetrate the door jamb and into the wall stud. This full 1 Inch throw deadbolt protects the mechanism from kick-in attacks while the hardened steel roller prevents cutting and sawing attacks.

Designed For Security and Personal Style

The Schlage B60 single cylinder deadbolt offers style options for every occasion and is available in several finishes:  

  • satin nickel for warm silver tones (Part#: Schlage B60 619)
  • satin chrome matte finish (Part#: Schlage B60 626)
  • right brass for rich gold tones (Part#: Schlage B60 605)
  • antique brass for warm undertones (Part#: Schlage B60 609)
  • oil-rubbed bronze with deep brown tones (Part#: Schlage B60 613)
  • antique pewter for soft, brushed tones (Part#: Schlage B60 620)

Product Identifiers

00043156169047 , 254630, 5239413, 580985, 60325, 70e361b38e53, B0032CML64, B360N 605 KA4, B60, B60N605, B60N605-20, Schlage B60 and Schlage B60N, Schlage_Re_B60605, TV77738, b60, feaddb74614f

Technical Documents

Instructional videos

Schlage Deadbolt Installation Guide
Schlage Deadbolt Installation Guide

Questions & Answers (11)

Question: My original SCHLAGE key only has a key code of 3. How to I set the new one to my key?

Asked by Don Stevenson on January 19, 2021

Answer: Don, All originals should have 5 digits physically stamped on the key. If yours only has the 3 on their it means it was re keyed at some point. You would have to bring that key to a locksmith and they could provide you with the actual key code.

Answer provided by Michael on January 19, 2021

Question: what is the key code, do i fill that out

Asked by bill on January 1, 2021

Answer: Bill, They key code refers to the 5 digits stamped on the original keys. If you want us to match existing locks we would need that information. If your order does not require matching of existing locks you can keep that field blank and we will key your order alike to a random number if "Keyed Alike" is requested.

Answer provided by Michael on January 4, 2021

Question: Also, is the keyway the same as for Baldwin such that they can be keyed alike? Thanks, John

Asked by John Kraft on September 30, 2020

Answer: John, Schlage and Baldwin use the same cylinder type EXCEPT the Baldwin Prestige collection.

Answer provided by Michael on September 30, 2020

Question: Are the exposed components solid brass or brass plated? Thank You, John

Asked by John Kraft on September 30, 2020

Answer: John, Brass plated.

Answer provided by Michael on September 30, 2020

Question: Can this deadbolt be keyed to another Schlage deadbolt that I bought a month ago?

Asked by Bill Mille on May 18, 2020

Answer: Bill, Yes, please call us at 8662598901.

Answer provided by Michael on May 18, 2020

Question: is the "lock code" the 5 digit setting for the pins?

Asked by francis on March 4, 2020

Answer: Francis, That is correct.

Answer provided by Michael on March 4, 2020

Question: Is this product the B60 or B60N? What is the difference between the two?

Asked by Robert on July 18, 2019

Answer: Robert, The products are the same. Schlage has just modified the part number over the years.

Answer provided by Michael on July 19, 2019

Question: will the b60 fit with a 1 7/8 inch hole instead of a 2 1/8 inch hole. or do you have to order it special.

Asked by jim on May 26, 2019

Answer: Jim, This deadbolt works as is for bore hole sizes 1-1/2 Inches up to 2-1/8 Inches.

Answer provided by Michael on May 28, 2019

Question: Will the B60 deadbolt fit a 1.5 inch bore hole?

Asked by Kerri McHale on September 1, 2017

Answer: Yes, this deadbolt would work on a 1.5" bore hole.

Answer provided by Marc on September 7, 2017

Question: Will this deadbolt fit in a 1 1/2" bored hole?

Asked by Ardolfer on March 6, 2017

Answer: Yes, this deadbolt will work on a 1-1/2" diameter bore hole.

Answer provided by Marc on March 6, 2017

Question: I need to select the 1.5 inch bore hole size but nowhere does it allow me to select that.

Asked by David on August 22, 2016

Answer: The Schlage B60 comes with a mounting ring that you will just need to remove when installing on a 1-1/2" bore hole.

Answer provided by Marc on August 22, 2016

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Schlage B60 Deadbolt Single Cylinder Grade 1
Schlage B60 Deadbolt - Single Cylinder - Grade 1
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