Baldwin Hardware

Baldwin Hardware

Baldwin Brass

Baldwin hardware has a rich tradition of delivering modern, top quality products that look and feel substantial. The first to successfully forge door hardware out of solid brass, Baldwin is widely known for its cutting-edge keyless technology and beautifully handcrafted mortise locks.

Baldwin Locks at a Glance

  • Solidly forged brass locks
  • Fully customizable styles to create your own personalized look
  • Keyless entry door hardware for the ultimate in modern home luxury
  • Handmade by master craftspeople for over 50 years
Baldwin Hardware
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Baldwin Collections

Estate Collection

  • Choose from 22 finishes and a wide selection of styles
  • Locks crafted from solid forged brass
  • Offers the ultimate flexibility in creating your own custom look
  • Combine knobs, levers and roses to create a custom lockset
  • Mix styles on each side of a door or even split finishes  

Reserve Collection  

  • A wide range of products available in nine finishes
  • Traditional, contemporary and rustic styles available
  • Customizable - perfect for designers and homeowners craving a blend of styles
  • Where craftsmanship meets advanced technology
  • Easy to install and configure

Prestige Series

  • Solid and secure construction
  • Heavier, stronger and smoother than most hardware
  • Choose from three finishes offering modern style and luxury
  • Features the innovative SmartKey re-key technology

Mortise Locks

Baldwin mortise locks are known around the world for their quality and security. The lock cases are made of heavy gauge steel, and plated with a rust-resistant coating to slow oxidation. Working parts are constructed from solid forged brass and the deadbolt is reinforced with two hardened steel inserts for maximum protection.

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