Von Duprin Commercial Door Hardware

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Commerical Exit Devices:
Exit devices are mounted on the egress side of the door. They can be mounted for rim, mortise, surface vertical, or concealed vertical applications. Exit devices feature an enclosed mechanism case with a push bar area to allow egress.

Commerical Exit Device Trim:
Mounted on the exterior side of the door. Available in a variety of functions and mounting options.

Power Supplies:
Used to convert high voltage AC power into the low voltage DC outputs required by most access control devices.

Electric Strikes:

Designed for use with a variety of mortise or cylindrical locksets. Electrified strikes allow remote release of a locked door by activating a movable lip (keeper) using an entry/exit button or credential reader.

Alarm Kits:

Simple and effective way to deter unauthorized use of an emergency exit door. Ideal for use on perimeter doors in restaurants, libraries, retail stores and many other commercial business applications.

Cylinders, Strikes, Latches, Power Transfers, Extension Rods, Bolts & Screws

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